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Up to 100% refund for Retailers technology fees amid COVID-19

For a limited time and limited budget, Quebec government is here to help you through these difficult times via an array of grant and tax credit programs. As a retail or wholesale company, you know how expensive business can be especially during pandemic times . You negotiate with vendors and new hires and all of a sudden you come to a halt. You fine-tune your pricing and manage working capital and your inventory is dormant in your warehouses. During these times, simply keeping business going can be a challenge.

Fortunately, if you’re a retailer or wholwsale trader located in Quebec, you don’t have to do it alone. When you work with a certified partner like OmniziO, you can dramatically maximize your eligibility for the grants getting access to funds upwards of $100,000 that will cover your technology related fees and significantly lower your TCO.

The grant can help you:

#1: Pay for your Employees’ Salaries

The program can help you pay for up to 100% of all of your employees’ training hours for the first 25$ of their hourly rate. Example: if you have 20 employees getting training for 30 hours, the grant will cover 600 hours of the employees Plus the fees of the trainer as you’ll see below. The program favors the development of skills for employees through an online platforms such as OmniziO’s Virtual Training Center.

#2: Pay for your Trainer fees

For a trainer to be qualified for the government, he or she must demostrate a relevant experience in the industry for which they are training, in order for the grant request to be approved by the governement. At OmniziO our qualified Software Engineers and Certified Magento & Shopify programmers will maximize your grants returns and assure quality results for your business.

#3: Pay for your Technology fees

OmniziO works alongside retailers and wholesalers to minimize upfront costs related to technology and identify areas of improvement, make an E-commerce gameplan, and even help file the necessary paperwork for tax credits and grants in your region. The program favors the development of skills for workers for online platforms such as:

We are here to help

We have helped retail and wholesale businesses like yours to get the finance and information they need to achieve their business goals. Act fast because the programs’ time and budget are limited. Contact us today to learn more.


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