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Magento eCommerce Development

We build world-class Magento eCommerce websites -- tailored precisely to the needs of your business and target market. Our team begins with strategy and design in mind, shaping your vision into a functional site that integrates seamlessly with your existing Ecosystem.

The result for your brand is greater reach and effortless scalability, supported by a secure, underlying platform managed by our Magento backend-certified team. Your customers enjoying an unprecedented Omnichanel experience on their favorite devices, and your marketing team receiving game-changing insights about customer behavior.

  • Powerful omnichannel customer shopping experiences

  • Complete integration with existing systems

  • Be competitive with major retailers on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba

  • Scalability for unprecedented growth in sales

  • End-to-end development, design and tech support

What You Get

  • eCommerce strategy consulting. We understand that a tool that works for one company may not serve yours, so we formulate your custom strategy based on your business goals.

  • Magento hosting. OmniziO uses AWS for hosting and provides 99.9% uptime ensuring a consistent and secure environment for your customers.

  • Airtight integration. Merge your physical shops and online channels with ERP, inventory management, and POS systems. We have provided integration with major vendors like Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and SAP

  • Centralized management system. Get a 360-degree view of business performance, from top-level website performance on the eCommerce dashboard, to a granular look at individual customer habits. Make calculated decisions based on hard data.

  • Greater brand visibility. Meet the increasing standards of omnichannel retail by capturing sales on eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, NewEgg and Bonanza.

  • Ongoing support. From Magento upgrades and design to content management and SEO, OmniziO is a reliable partner.

What your shopper Gets

  • World-class shopping experience. “Wow” your customers with the same amenities they get from leading retailers, from leading-edge user interfaces and navigation to coupons and promotional material that adjusts to their interests.

  • Buy anywhere, get anywhere. Give customers one consistent experience that’s synchronized across in-store activities, mobile shopping and internet browsing.

  • Security they can trust. With virtually no site interruptions, keep your customers happy and confident that their sensitive information is secure.

  • Loyalty programs. Reward your top customers with exclusive digital and in-store offers.

Our Process

We know it’s a huge endeavor for retailers to develop, integrate and maintain a successful eCommerce website. Our three-step process ensures that your project is executed flawlessly, and that nothing slips between the cracks.

1. Identify your needs and goals.

We conduct a detailed consultation to identify what you want to achieve with omnichannel eCommerce. Then, we use our project delivery system to see this strategy through from concept to completion, with a single point of contact -- the software engineer -- working alongside you the entire way.

2. Model development and testing.

Together, we discuss and analyze major points like product info, inventory levels, orders, and customer profiles. We’ll also talk about analytic information, managing multiple currencies, resellers, customer service policies, payment methods, and security. Each step of the way, we provide guidance and ensure you stay on budget.

3. Go live, maintain, and improve.

We use a rapid, iterative process to develop, design, and launch high-performing eCommerce sites in short periods of time. Our agile approach gives you the ability to go live quickly, while allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to the software as the project evolves. The result is a superior product that responds to the exact needs of your company and your market.


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