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With OmniziO's end-to-end integration and ERP tools, you can protect your business against data loss and human error by automating data synchronization between your digital and in-store systems. With a solid and streamlined platform in place, see business grow and customer engagement soar.

  • Improve customer shopping by offering them an omnichannel experience (i.e.continuity across devices and platforms)

  • Automate manual work and minimize human error

  • Save your staff time by avoiding synchronising systems data

  • Avoid over selling or under selling with realtime synchronisation

  • POS system integration. Optimize your checkout line and your shipping and receiving by connecting your offline and online marketplaces. Use the power of automation to minimize any room for human error.

  • Omnichannel order management. Connect with customers at multiple touchpoints. Our order management system analyzes your clients’ experiences alongside your sales and fulfillment channels.

  • Warehouse management system. Cut costs and reduce your processing time by letting our system handle your warehouse management. It takes orders and handles back-end delivery, all with the shortest execution time.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM). Customer retention correlates with customer satisfaction. Boost conversion with our eCommerce customer relationship management system.

  • A superior shopping experience for your customers. A single, integrated marketplace displays accurate inventory data, eliminating online ordering errors for your customers.

  • Integration with a wide array of ERPs. Our tools provide integration with GSI Gemmar, RunIt, Lightspeed Retail, springboardRETAIL, Vend, Microsoft Dynamics, Retail 123 and more.

  • Integration with payment and shipping providers. To ensure seamless integration with third parties (FedEx, DHL, UPS and custom-built integrations), we provide full integration for third party APIs.

  • Integrate with marketplaces: Google Shopping, Amazon and others


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