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Your world-class omnichannel strategy partner


AI-Driven OmniChannel Ecommerce


Give your clients a hyper-personalized shopping experience.

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What Our Partners are Saying

Seasoned developers and great team players. Creativity and networking skills coupled with his deep understanding of entreprise application technologies make them an asset for any team or organization.
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Michael Kamel, Partner at PWC

Omnichannel for Retailers

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Our services


Maximize your retail business by connecting our cloud-based point-of-sale system to your eCommerce platform. This will enable your customers to shop on any channel, checkout quickly, and pay using any method. It is an effortless shopping experience across all of your sales channels while giving you access to inventory and sales data in real time.

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Certified Developers

Let our certified Magento and Shopify developers craft unique applications that are both robust and scalable, tailored to your business and budget.

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ERP Integrations


OmniziO eliminates the need to worry about shipping errors, inventory management issues, or data-entry mistakes. Our powerful integration capabilities allow your website, stores, and other sales channels to be in sync.

Some of our Services...

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AI-Powered Retail Analytics

Buy Online, Pickup in Store

Staff Permissions and Sales Commission

We create custom applications tailored to your business's specific requirements. Our solutions are designed to provide you with the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Our Artificial Intelligence can anticipate the actions of your customers, allowing you to maximize your return on investment through optimized variety, allocation, stockpiling, and personnel scheduling.

Unify touchpoints, sync store/web, use data & reward customers with real-time, personalized, immersive experience & end-to-end orchestration.

Unify all your customer touch points and synchronize between store and web. Use your data to give customers a real-time, hyper-personalized, and immersive experience with end-to-end orchestration.


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Integrate with any
ERP platform

Effortlessly synchronize your data. We can easily integrate Magento with many popular ERP systems.

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Payments Integrations

Get paid fast, fee-free. Integrate payments in the website & POS with preferred payment gateways.

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Employees Timesheets &

Automatically trigger clock-ins and clock-outs on any device. Manage timesheets and scheduling online or offline.

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Seamless import/export

You can easily import and export your data to any external system for additional manipulation.

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Free Ecommerce Mini-Audit


Low conversion rate? Slow site? Administrative problems? Our certified developers will spend 15 to 30-minutes helping you resolve your issue.


About Us


At Omnizio, we're passionate about empowering retailers to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce. With an explosive 56% growth forecasted to reach a staggering 8.1 trillion by 2026, it's crucial to have a competitive edge. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge, end-to-end omni-channel platform that offers a hyper-personalized shopping experience for your customers. Our platform bridges the gap between online and in-store shopping, ensuring that your customers receive a seamless and personalized shopping journey every time.