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Magento & Shopify 

Your world-class omnichannel strategy partner

Give your clients a hyper-personalized shopping experience.

With our immersive omnichannel strategy, blend your physical and digital worlds to engage your customer with the right product at the right place at the right moment.

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Point Of Sale

for Magento & Shopify

Create centralized retail for your business by connecting our cloud-based POS to your Ecommerce platform.


Your customers can shop on any channel, check-out in seconds, and pay in any method. A truly seamless shopping experience across all your sales channels, while giving you inventory and sales figures in real-time.

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Certified Developers

Create robust and scalable applications unique to your business and budget with our expert developers certified by Magento and Shopify.

ERP Integration

Forget about shipping errors, poor inventory management, or faulty data-entry.

With OmniziO, all your systems will talk to each other – across your website, stores, and other sales channels to give you the most accurate picture of customers, sales, orders, inventory, prices, and even special offers such as gift cards or loyalty programs.


POS Features

Our solutions are equally compatible with Magento ans Shopify


POS Integrations


Custom Solutions

Tailor made for your Business

We build customized applications which perfectly fit your unique business needs.

AI-Powered Retail Analytics

Stop Guessing!...Know!

Our integrated Artificial Intelligence is able to predict your customer’s behavior.

This allows you to do optimal assortment, distribution, inventory and staff scheduling and dramatically boost your ROI.


Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Exceed expectations

Unify all your customer touch-points and synchronize easily between store and web.

Utilize every single data-point and reward your customer with real-time, hyper-personalized and immersive experience with end-to-end orchestration.


Retail Staff Permssions and Sales Commision

Build for the team

Empower your staff with streamlined role definition and quick and accurate access to information.

Online, hybrid or otherwise – all data on one dashboard!


Integrate with any ERP platform

Synchronise your Data painlessly

We integrate Magento with most major ERP systems.


 Payments Integration

Get paid without delays nor fees

Payment integration in your website and POS with the payment gateways of your choice


Employees Timesheets & Scheduling

Scheduling and Payroll

made easy

Automatically trigger clock-ins and clock-outs on any device, maintain timesheets and scheduling, even offline!


Seamless import/export

Own Your Data

You can easily import/export your data to any external system for extra manipulations


We integrate Magento with most major ERP systems.

We also have our own!



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